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What is Feature Friday? FRI-YAY!

Feature Friday has always been a part of our vision here at MCCo! We love the craft process involved with coffee and have discovered so many life changing cups of coffee through simply trying it everywhere we go. We have found over the years there are so many fantastic roasters who take great pride in sourcing single origin beans sustainably and crafting magical roasts with them. Now we are making it easy for you to access and try new coffees monthly! We will offer a featured roasters coffee on the last Friday of each month!

past featured roasters


Black Forge out of Pittsburgh, Pa is a Heavy Metal Woman Owned Business that opened in 2015. Owner Ashley lives by the Black Forge mission to provide a creative destination focused on supporting our communities in both Allentown and McKees Rocks, coffee culture and our music and art scene. She offers a safe space for artists of all types to share their craft. She is also all about heavy jams, dark coffee and creating a specific coffee scene with a large stage and house specialty lattes. Come check out what we have available from Black Forge to learn more click on the link below to visit their website. 

oak 1.jpeg

Oak & Bond out of Charolette, NC!

I first heard of Oak & Bond through the some friendly chatter while bartending. Because I love my bourbon it was brought to my attention that Oak & Bond has a specialty in barrel aged roasting. Some of their barrel aged coffee include bourbon, rye, scotch and cabernet. This week being the week of the Kentucky Derby I thought it appropriate to feature a roaster that also loves bourbon.

If you are interested in learning more about our featured rosters just click the link with the roaster name to be directed to their website.


We first discovered Mountain Dweller through a club called Bean Culture and we discovered Bean Culture through Hop Culture. See a theme here? We were blown away by their single origin Ethiopian coffee called Natural Forces. I knew right then and there that they would be a roaster that we shared with our community. 

Please feel free to click the link below and check out their website to see what they are all about. They are great people doing great things. Cheers!


Hoof Hearted out of Columbus, OH captured our hearts first with their outstanding craft beers. We also discovered that the roasted beans when we were delivered a bag of Ethiopian though a subscription to bean culture. We were not surprised to find that they craft in roaster was matched with their craft and love for brewing. 


Beaver Falls Coffee and Tea is a staple in Beaver Falls, Pa especially for college students attending Geneva College. I first learned of BFCAT while attending Geneva College in 2007 and was delighted to have a place so close to study, meet friends and get very much needed Canaan Conquests (house specialty latte). When I first met owners Bethany and Russ Warren I learned quickly that they were more than just small business owners. They are a family inviting you into their home and offering a safe environment, fellowship, and a home away from home vibe. Bethany and Russ care very deeply about their community locally and globally. Their tagline is, "We love coffee, the people who produce it, and the people who drink it,".


Cunning House from Lower Burrell, PA is a fantastic new roaster in the greater Pittsburgh Area. These guys happened to find us! Can you believe it? Some roster just showed up here and offered us a bag of his beans.

Magic beans? Maybe... Delicious? YES! 

Learn more about Cunning House and all the fun things they do, including Plant Pop.

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