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past events

Saturday Brunch at Bridgetown Taphouse

Some of you may already be aware of this but if not, you'll know now... Bridgetown Taphouse is a brother business to Merchant Coffee Company. That's right! Same people responsible for Bridgetown Taphouse are responsible for MCCo. From time to time we will be doing events together and you will see elements fo each business in the other. 

We are so excited to finally be doing brunch at BT!

It has been talked about for years and now as we are coming up on our 6 year anniversary at the Bridgetown Taphouse we will be celebrating with a BT style brunch.

Stay connected to find out details as they become available.

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Mother's Day Brunch
at the Farm

This Mother's Day Brunch Event bought to you by Birch Creek Farmery is in partnership with Merchant Coffee Co. and Bridgetown Taphouse.

For more details on the event visit birchcreekfarmery.com or click the link below to view the tickets page. 

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Come Sunday with us! You've heard of Sunday Funday, right? Well, we believe wholeheartedly in that motto and want to back it up by bringing live music and afternoon cocktails to MCCo. Join us on July 11th from 12-2:30 for live entertainment by Tucker Meutzel and cocktails from Bridgetown Taphouse.


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